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By: Wilburn Starling
PLANAR MONOLITHICS INDUSTRIES, Inc. produces a range of Digital Phase Shifters that operate up to 20GHz. PMI Model No.: PS-360-90-2-202F as shown is a Temperature Compensated, 2 Bit, 360 degree Digital Phase Shifter operating from 1.7GHz to 2.3GHz having phase shifts of 45, 90, 135, 270, 360 with Phase Error of 7 over amphenol fiber optics the frequency band (.five to 20GHz units are also available). This unit is TTL Controlled and operates on +5vdc @ 50mA and -5vdc @ 50mA and measures two.0 X 2.0 X .50

Phase noise floor performance for both HF and VHF frequency ranges can be specified for the oscillator as Regular at -165 dBc/Hz or Premium at -176 dBc/Hz at a fixed frequency within the range. The close-to-the-carrier phase noise functionality below 100 Hz is mostly a function of the quartz crystal utilized in the oscillator, and can be chosen based on the system_s requirement.

The HMCAD1512 is a versatile, higher functionality, low energy analog-to-digital converter (ADC), utilizing time-interleaving to achieve greater sampling price. The device consists of two ADCs that can be interleaved by the user to act as a single channel or two channels. In dual channel mode, either of the two inputs can be chosen for every single ADC channel for maximum sample price at 450 MSPS. In single channel mode, either of the two inputs can be selected as a valid input to the single ADC channel for maximum sample price at 900 MSPS.

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Figure 2 The colorful globe of LDS making use of Xantar LDS from Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics (Supply: MEP). Materials LDS prototyping Reference MID Survey 2011, 3D-MID e.V., Germany, Nuremberg 2011,

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