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By: Hosea Putman
Have you ever considered your coat closet lately? As you're reading this, what is the current state of your coat closet? Chances are you'll even be drawing a blank, so let me remind you what the coat closet is. Its typically that small closet in or near the foyer or hall to your main living area. Its purpose is to store larger coats that you can grab in your way out of the house. More importantly, its also there to house guest's coats, jackets and sweaters when you host an evening of any sort.
To me, a small coat closet has the potential to be an actual jewel box. It is usually a bit of a surprise and serve as a pick me up each time you or a guest opens the coat closet within the foyer. Since its closed off, you could be wild with color, texture and pattern. You have the freedom to depart from your private home's established design, or stick with the established design and be liberal with numerous strong design elements in a single place. Also, coat closets are tiny compared to other rooms in the house- so it does not really take much to punch it up.
Here are my guidelines for a smashing coat closet:
-The coat closet is an etiquette. Not only is it Switches for Your Wall - - your coats, but those of guest's once they arrive. This means keeping it clear of other household junk! Leave room in your guest's stuff.
-Spend money on two dozen quality hangers. Wood hangers not only look classy, but they are bulky enough to properly hang a heavy coat or jacket. Toss the plastic. Use the wood. Be certain to leave plenty of empty hangers for your guests. As an added touch, have your monogram or family crest hand painted on the hangers. For those who purchase cedar hangers, there isn't a need for a cedar block.
-In your female guests, provide a safe place for his or her handbags. Have you ever ever been to a gathering where the women tuck their handbags next to a remote living room chair or pile them in a heap on the guest bed? Don't make your guests do that. Its uncomfortable for a woman to leave her bag in a random place. In your guest closet, provide hooks or commission custom millwork for cubbyholes. Your female guests will marvel at your thoughtfulness and praise you as a genius. (As a tip for cubbyholes, each one must be big enough for a typical handbag or tote. You may even vary the sizes to ensure you have got big enough cubbyholes for giant and small bags alike).
-Paint or use a fabulous wall covering. You can be as "out there" or as conservative as you wish, but do finish the walls. Good suggestions are a dark or vivid color, a busy or textured wall covering, classy millwork or a mix of those options (for instance, wall covering on the underside 3/4 and coordinating paint on the highest 1/4 with a chair rail moulding where these two finishes meet).
-If you have the wall space, think a couple of pocket door. If your coat closet is gorgeous and arranged, why not leave the door open? The pocket door allows you to close it off when you aren't hosting an event or when you don't wish to see the inside.
-Install a flush mount or semi flush mount light fixture. Think about how you want the sunshine to come on. Do you want to tug a chain once you open the door, or would you like the light to be on when you open it? You may create a brand new switch next to the surface of the door, or even think a couple of motion sensor. Either way, you need to have the ability to see once that door is open.
-When you need the shelf space above the rod, finish off the sting of the shelf with a moulding. Put large bins or baskets on the shelf for other items such as hats, gloves, or over sized bags. Or, you'll be able to remove the shelf if you want to.
-Consider replacing the rod with a metal rod in brass, chrome, brushed nickel or a wood grain and stain. Or, paint a normal issue rod a coordinating color to mesh with the wall covering.
Knock your guest out with a highly functional and gorgeous coat closet. For a small investment in time, materials and labor-- you possibly can create a gem of a space with fantastic design and decor features that can receive rave reviews out of your guests for years to come.
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